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The Balinese Room

8" x 10" $12.00

11" x 14" $17.00

The Balinese Room

8" x 10" $12.00

11" x 14" $17.00

A pier was built in 1923, at 21st & the Seawall, which originally housed the Chop Suey restaurant and nightclub.

It re-opened, in 1932, as the Sui Jen, an oriental restaurant and nightclub, but in 1942 its name was changed to The Balinese Room. With the colorful and elegant South Sea decor, famous entertainers and posh casino; the Balinese quickly became the destination of the rich and famous.

This Galveston Landmark had a great run until a raid by the Texas Rangers shut it down in May of 1957, for illegal gambling. Thanks to Scott Arnold, a Houston attorney and businessman, this Grand Lady opened its doors again in 2002.

The Balinese was destroyed by Hurricane Ike on September 13th, 2008. She will be missed!!!