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Galveston Doorways

8" x 10" $12.00

11" x 14" $17.00

Galveston Gateways

8" x 10" $12.00

11" x 14" $17.00

The City of Galveston was laid out with 14 long, narrow lots to each block, so long, narrow multi-storied houses worked nicely to produce a densely-packed urban environment. This created a small Victorian city rather than a small rural town. Most of the picturesque, colorful, and lavish Victorian architectural styles were perfect for this city on a sandbar.

Galveston builders and architects rarely designed a house or commercial building so that it strictly conformed to the rules and guidelines of any one, of the many Victorian architectural styles, choosing instead to combine the elements of several styles, or to build rather plain and simple designs, from a plan book, and then merely enhance their look with Victorian decoration.

The designers and builders of these buildings had an instinctive understanding that well-chosen designs and solid hand-crafted construction would create functional spaces which would enhance the living environment. These structures were built to nurture the identity, uplift the spirits, and create greater harmony in the lives of those who lived and worked in them.