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Galveston Glory Days

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5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 (image only)
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Poster Photographs

Row One

1889 Morris Lasker House - 1718 Broadway
1918 Great Seawall & 23rd Street

Row Two

1857 Sydmor Heidenheimer House - 1602 Sealy
1881 Electric Pavilion located on the Gulf at 21st Street,
destroyed by fire in 1883

Row Three

1911 Hotel Galvez Seawall & 21st Street
1890 Herman Marwitze House - 801 22nd Street

Row Four

1890 Trube "Castle" House - 1627 Sealy
1882 Beach Hotel located on the Gulf between 23rd & 24th Street, destroyed by fire in 1898.

The residents of Galveston who live during the Glory Days were part of a vibrant, prosperous and growing City. Galveston was the first City in the State to have gas lights, telephones and electric lights. The designers and builders of Galveston had an instinctive understanding that well-chosen designs and solid hand-crafted construction would create functional spaces that would enhance the city’s environment. The structures were built to nurture the identity, uplift the spirits, and create greater harmony in the lives of those who lived and worked in them.

The Victorian and early-20th-Century architecture of Galveston stands in stark contrast to the suburban sprawl of Post-WWII America, with its monotonous track homes and McMansions, endless shopping centers and strip malls and slavish dependence on the car to make the lifestyle work. Those who encounter the architecture of this bygone era either reject it for what they consider the more comfortable suburban lifestyle or they embrace the lifestyle offered in this quaint historic city, knowing that in some mysterious way, this magical place will change them!