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Galveston Grandeur\

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Galveston Grandeur

Top Left: Open Gates (Sealy House), 1891,  2424 Broadway   Bottom Left: Bishop's Palace, 1892, 1402 Broadway  
Top Right: Trube Castle, 1890, 1627 Sealy Avenue   
Middle Right: Ashton Villa, 1856,  2328 Broadway  
Bottom Right: Moody Mansion, 1895,  2618 Broadway

In the late 19th Century, Galveston was one of the busiest ports on the Gulf Coast only surpassed by New Orleans. The city not only established itself as a grand seaport city, but also as the center of the states leading banks and trading houses. This wealth was prominently on display throughout the city’s east end neighborhoods but the most extravagant examples of this wealth could be found on the north side of Broadway Boulevard.