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Silent Summer

Image available in:
5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 (image only)
5x7 Matted (8x10)
8x10 Matted (11x14)

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Hurricane Ike came ashore on September 13th, 2008, covering Galveston Island with eight to ten feet of saltwater storm surge. As the water receded, left behind was a scene of fading splendor. The Island lost an estimated 41,000 trees.

Their haunting silhouettes remind us that we have been here before. It wasn’t just people and animals that lost their lives in the 1900 Storm. The Island was virtually stripped naked of all plant life. The Women’s Health Protective Association was formed to restore vegetation to the City. By 1912, it had planted 10,000 trees and 2,500 oleanders. Many of the trees that were planted at that time became victims of Hurricane Ike.

The drowning of the trees has devastated the local landscape in such a way that much of the life force has been lost. Without the canopy of Live Oaks, the East End has lost a part of its character shared by few other places.

And so…we begin again. Hopefully, the Live Oak Trees that are being planted now will provide cherished canopies of living shade and splendor for generations to come.