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Galveston Island has over 32 miles of beaches, and some of the best are within the boundaries of the City’s urban core. Fortunately, due to its compact size, the beach is never more than a few blocks south of most locations. In addition, it is the ONLY place in America where an historical Southern city sits right on the beach. This means that Galveston is NOT a typical beach town, but a small 19th-Century city, upgraded with today's conveniences, and integrated with modern structures. This creates a totally unique cityscape, which is made up of hundreds of historic homes, a vibrant historic downtown area, an active port and set on the eastern end of The Island is one of the busiest ship channels in the world.

Galveston’s Historic Districts are located on the eastern end of Galveston Island, in the area bounded by the Gulf of Mexico on the South, The Ship Channel on the East, Galveston Harbor on the North and 39th Street on the West. In this roughly 10 square mile area, there is a rare convergence of unique conditions which form a rich, textured, multi-layered way of life that is found no where else!

Galveston’s eastern area is not a small town, and it is nothing like a suburb! It is a small urban city of about 35,000 people. West of it, on The Island, are the newer houses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and beach houses, where the life style differs greatly from the City’s urban core.

The original designers of the City of Galveston chose to make the lots quite small, except in a few outlying neighborhoods, which were called "out lots". Therefore, most houses have very small yards, and even grand mansions have undersized grounds in proportion to their size. The size and scale of the streets and the yards, and the close proximity of the houses and buildings, is what gives this part of the City an "urban" feel, even with its small population, which makes it ideal for walking, strolling and biking.

The environment in this area, offers residents something of a refuge from the madness of 21st Century life in America. It gives them a taste of the charm and graciousness of living in the 19th Century. They are surrounded by the pieces of that life that remain; magnificent churches, grand places of business, stately homes, ornate iron work, white picket fences, brick and stone walkways, and lush tropical vegetation, that set the tone and atmosphere of their daily life. At the same time, they are able to fully experience and enjoy the good things that life offers in the 21st Century.

People from all around the world have made the decision to call this unique city home! It is a place populated by a real hodgepodge of quirky, extraordinary, eccentric; and yet "ordinary" people. Their common bond seems to be the absurdity and wonderment of living on a large sandbar in the Gulf of Mexico.


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